December 1, 2020


This web site’s ownership, as well as the offered services, belong to the following company: Razón social: TESAL GROUP CANARIES S.L
CIF: B76292010

Telephone: 928 17 59 41 Mobile: 649 932 249 E-mail:

Enrolled in: Commercial Register of the Fuerteventura province, on Page 49, Volume 183, Sheet IF-8052, 1st Inscription.

General statements

To all effects, the requests carried out in this shop are purchases made to Tesal Group Canaries S.L.

Except specific written stipulation, carrying out a purchase to Tesal Group Canaries S.L. implies the acceptance of these conditions by the customer. No stipulation from the customer may differ from Tesal Group Canaries S.L.’s if Tesal Group Canaries S.L. has not accepted it previously and in writing.

A purchase is not final until the product’s checking and later acceptance. The company reserves its right to cancel any purchase, being able to contact the customer as soon as possible and making any other obligation null apart from scheduling a new shipping as soon as possible.

Method of Payment

Products and services will be paid beforehand through Credit Card-Visa, Bizum or wire transfer except previous acceptance by Tesal Group Canaries S.L. and special conditions agreed with the customer. You will also be able to pay in comfortable terms through the Pepper Money financing platform, split in 3, 6, 9 and up to 12 months for amounts between 60€ and 1000€ (both inclusive). You can carry out a simulation in the shop before confirming the purchase.

To be able to pay through wire transfer, it is necessary to indicate the order number within the concept. In case of Bizum, it must go out to the mobile phone number +34 649 932 249.

If you experiencing problems to make the payment, whichever the method of payment, and wish to modify the method, or are missing any information, please get in touch with us.


Tesal Group Canaries S.L. uses home shipping SEUR24 service from Monday to Friday for our customers.

Local and national holidays are excluded from this service.

Tesal Group Canaries S.L., by previous communication with the customer in the confirmation process, saves its right not to commit to any shipping for special conditions or stock breaks. In any case, the customer will be informed urgently.

In case the payment conditions indicate so, the order will not be sent until the order amount has been paid. This is the case for the wire transfer method of payment.

Delivery will be considered done in the moment in which the transport agency has placed the products at the customer’s disposal and the customer has signed the delivery reception document. The customer’s responsibility to verify the products upon delivery and to indicate all the defects and claims may be justified within that delivery reception document.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be completely free of charge in National territory (Spain) starting from 99 euros. Canary Islands, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla included.

Shipping costs outside of National territory (Spain) and inside the European Community will be free of charge starting from 299 euros.

Outside of the European Community, please check with us.

In case the amount does not surpass the minimum for free shipping, you will have to take into account an additional charge to continue with the order, which will be of 10 euros in the Canary Islands, 25 euros in the Peninsula, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla, and 50 euros for the European Community. (In Canary Islands, taxes will be added to the shipping, even though they are included in the sales prices. In the rest of the cases, taxes will be exempt).

In the Canary Islands, customers will pay the prices according the sales tariffs and will not suffer any additional charge.

For deliveries outside the Canary Islands and in the rest of Spain, taxes will be excluded over the sales price. These deliveries will only have to pay the corresponding taxes at the arrival, but there is no additional charge for customs.

Apart from these options, it is possible for the customer to pick up the products from our warehouse, being responsible for the product transportation and insurance, independently from the price. Preparation and pick up schedule will be respected (please check).

Shipping time

All orders received will be prepared for shipping in a maximum limit of 24 hours, to send them once the payment is completely confirmed (in wire transfer cases the order will not be sent until the amount figures in the account). Holidays and weekends are excluded from these time limits.

Orders will be delivered within the following time limits according to the location*:

  •   Canary Islands: 24 hours

  •   Peninsula: 24/48 hours

  •   Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla: 48/72 hours

  •   European Community: between 3 and 7 days in function of the location.

    *Timelines will count starting from the time of shipping.

Stock break

In our portal, we only have products that are normally in stock.

Whenever it is not possible to send a product because lack of stock, the company will get in contact with the customer to communicate it, cancel the order or indicate the estimated new send timeline. If so, the reservation will remain active and so will the order confirmation.

The company reserves its right to communicate wrongly about the visible stock in the web for any of the following reasons: human or computer mistakes.

For new stock arrivals, Tesal Group Canaries S.L. will reserve its right to modify the price if necessary, since the product price may change according to our purchasing price. The customer will be informed of this change before the delivery of it in this case.


Customers will have a limit of 15 days from the order’s delivery to notify their desire to return one or more products from their order. Returns that are not processed in this period will be rejected.

To exercise this right, you must communicate it by email ( indicating the invoice number, the products reference and follow the instructions you will receive from our customer service team.

The original boxing and protection has to be included for all returns.

The company will handle transport expenses originated from the return whenever the product maintains its original packaging and does not present physical or functional damages.

Once the returned products are analyzed and checked that they are within the correct status, we will refund the product amount within a maximum of 7 working days.


Products warranties last for two years for electronic equipment and one year for the rest of the items, that do not contain and/or do not form part of the previous.

Warranty applies whenever the product has been used within the normal exploitation conditions determined by Recovery + Plus. Tesal Group Canaries S.L. is not obliged to compensate the user or third parties for the consequences of the product’s use, either direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by people, and damages to other assets apart from the products themselves.

Warranty will not cover defects and damages produced by external events, accidents and/or wearing because of use that does not comply with Recovery + Plus instructions.

When processing warranty products in which case it is necessary to send the product, it will be charged to the company, as well as the shipping once fixed or the new product, according to what must apply. In case the product has not needed any repairing and/or change, as well as if the warranty does not cover the defect, the customer will be charged with the shipping costs, if he wishes.

These warranty conditions do not affect the customer’s statutory rights within the applicable national legislation.

Responsibility limitation

Tesal Group Canaries S.L. is not responsible for the content within other web pages that are linked to this site. Risks derived from consulting those pages correspond exclusively to the customer, who must check the terms and conditions of those specific pages.

Tesal Group Canaries S.L.’s product prices, characteristics and availability can vary without previous communication.