Statement of intents

Our direct intention is to accomplish all, both current and future, quality rules and directives that are requested by the main internet search engines and associations. On 01/12/2020 we


comply with the following points:

  •   We do not use hidden texts nor links

  •   Users see what is presented to search engines

  •   We do not use evasive redirects

  •   We do not overload pages with irrelevant words in the design

  •   We do not own pages, sub-domains or domains with duplicated or similar content

  •   Tesal Group Canaries S.L. is the owner of all corporate imagery used in the web


    From Tesal Group Canaries S.L., we try to stay updated and informed about the correct compliance of electronic commerce laws within our country. This is why we can affirm that:

    •   The web is compliant and adapted to the LSSI law

    •   The page accomplishes all visitor data protection requirements

    •   The web has a public and visible privacy policy

    •   Behind this web page, there is specific company

    •   All databases used are found in Spanish territory

    •   The web is completely free of viruses, Trojans or malware

    •   All payment platforms used work under the secure SLL protocol

    •   All images used in its development have been obtained with copyright through an

      image bank

      Accessibility commitments

      In the design of our web page, we have taken into account all possible aspects to facilitate the access to disabled people, slow connections or older computers.

    •   Complying with the TAW Level A rules

    •   Compliance of the W3c layout standards

    •   Alternative texts in all relevant photographs

    •   Descriptive titles in links

    •   Data tables layout, for its correct Shark interpretation

    •   Visible, high contrast content

      Summary of our project

      Our objective is to bring, with our new web, a high quality service destined to satisfy the needs of our customers through the sale and distribution of all our items and services, counting with adequately trained staff, teams, technology and the necessary infrastructure to remain in the market.

      Do you have any doubts?

If you still have any doubt, or think we can help you with something, you can contact us using the following information:

Web: Email: Contact us.